Our Facilities :

 After completion of the courses, students may join in various Government and Private Organization National & International association, health center, Universities & Hospitals.

* Salient Features :

- Practical based Classes and exciting career training.

- All courses are 100% JOB Oriented programme.

- Preventive & Promotive aspects of health are equally cared for

- Student and unemployed persons have the opportunity of pursuing a new and exciting   career in the field of Medical Science with its growing prominence globally


* Hostel & Mess Facility:- This facility available for boys or girls separately with fooding & lodging under care of safety or security on very resonable Fee.






* Lab Facility:- Well equiped modern lab facility, Electrical light microscopes, various body systems for the study of organ tissues and cells and chemicals.




* Pre-Clinical Departments:- Consists of theeretical study classes as well as those of practical experiment and application.






* Clinical Departments:- Teaching is done mainly in teaching in hospitals, Primary Health Care Centers belonging to Department of Health and Medical Services.





* Library:- The large reading room, allow hundreds of simultaneous users can study and refer.





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