Optometry Technology :


SDA M.I & R.C brings together a dedicated team of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to provide the highest standards of medical treatment. Our full range of primary and specialty care medical services enables cross-specialty consultation.

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Duration   : 2 years

Eligibility  : Matric or inter

Fee structure:

Programme fees (1st year)   Rs.    10,500/-

Tuition fee - per month Rs.    700/-



SYLLABUS - 1st Year :

Paper    1     Anatomy & Physiology og Eye

Paper     2     Basic Microbiology & Pharmacology and clinical pathology

Paper     3     Physiology Optice & principle of refraction

Paper     4     Optometric instruments

Paper     5     Basic computer operation


SYLLABUS - 2nd Year :

Paper    1     Clinical Ophthalmology

Paper     2     Practice of refraction

Paper     3     Optometry workshop

Paper     4     Community Optometric

Paper     5     Optometry nursing

Benefits of the course:

After Completion of the course, the students may proceed for further studies and Join us various Government and Private organization, National & International Association, health center & Universities or Hospitals.


After completion of the examination, certificate and mark sheet awarded to the successful candidate by the national development agency (BSS) promoted by planning commission govt. of India.