SDA Group Of Institution:


S.D.A. MEDICAL INSTITUTE & RESEARCH CENTER Has major revolutionary changes are Has major revolutionary changes are taking place in the scene of higher education in India & Abroad. Given this reality, higher institution of learning in medical science must gear up for these changes. The time has now emerged to winder the scope of higher medical education for social economical establishments. Our Institute is committed to serve humanity by nurturing competent and proficient doctors and continue to improve on the learning methods, making SDA one of the leading medical Colleges in our Nation.

Be the most preferred choice of students, faculty and industry. Be in the top 10 in every discipline of education, health sciences and management. Global leadership in human development, excellence in education and healthcare.

S.D.A. Values - Integrity, Transparency, Quality, Team Work, Execution with passion, Humane touch. our Aim are to prepare perfect Para Medical Technician in the field of medical science to serve the nation and to be a helping hand for those yuoths who want establish themselves for life time. Our syllabus of the courses are as per standard and based upon the syllabus prescribed by the National Development Agency (BSS) promoted by Planning Commission, Govt. of India.

After Completion of the course, students may Join in various Government and Private organization, National & International Association, health center & Universities or Hospitals.

our collaboration : U.G.C., D.E.C., A.I.C.T.E., N.C.T.E., A.P.C.T.M., Planning Commission, HRD, Govt. of India

Swami Dayanand Group Of Institution serving these services by Our three major divisions or Groups which are :"SDA MEDICAL INSTITUTE & RESEARCH CEN"SDA MEDICAL COLLEGE & ASSOCIATE HOSPITALS" "SWAMI DAYANAND ACADEMY OF HIGHER EDUCATION"