Vision & Mission :

VISION - To serve humanity by nurturing competent and proficient Medico and paramedico personnel ,technical & academician and continue to improve on the learning methods, making SDA one of the leading group of institution in our India Nation.



MISSION - SWAMI DAYANAND GROUP OF INSTITUTION (SDA) is committed to providing students with medical education to obtain an accredited degree / diploma in Medical education and higher Academic Education in India. The institution will achieve its mission by providing a learning environment, both inside and outside the classroom that sustains Human values and promotes high levels of student achievement, consistent with the highest standards of academic excellence


AIM - Our Aim are to prepare perfect technical expert in the field of all medico, paramedico, technical and management science to serve the nation and to be a helping hand for those youths who want establish themselves for life time. Our syllabuses of the courses are as per standard and based upon the syllabus prescribed by the university grant commission, HRD, Govt. of India.




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